Criterion 6


Criterion 6


Quality assurance Initiatives of the institution include:

1. Regular meeting of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (1QAC); Feedback collected,

analysed and used for Improvements

2. Collaborative quality initiatives with other Institution(s) membership of

international networks

3. Participation in NIRF

4. any other quality audit/accreditation recognized by state, national or International

agencies such as NAAC, NBA, ISO Certification ete


Sr. No. Particulars Weblinks

Proceedings of meetings of IQAC, Feedback analysis and action taken report

View Document

Activities conducted under collaborative quality initiatives with other institutions.

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3 Supporting documents pertaining to NIRF (along with link to the HEI’s ranking in the NIRF portal) View Document
4 NAAC/ISO certificate/NBA certificate or quality certificate from any recognized state/national international agencies for the assessment period View Document


Sy.No.376/7, Batasingaram (V), Abdullapur Mettu (M), R.R. District, Telangana-501512. INDIA.

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