Criterion 6

Criterion 6-6.3.3



Percentage of teaching and non-teaching participating in Faculty developing programmes(FDP),/Professional development administrative tranning programes during last five years


    Sl.no                         Particulars                                     Web Link
1 Summary report of Teaching and Non teaching Staff participated in FDP, Professional development/administrative training program year wise View Document
2 Program Document 2021-22 View Document
3 Program Document 2020-21 View Document
4 Program Document 2019-20 View Document
5 Program Document 2018-19 View Document
6 Program Document 2017-18 View Document


Sy.No.376/7, Batasingaram (V), Abdullapur Mettu (M), R.R. District, Telangana-501512. INDIA.

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