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Polytechnic Programs

Craft of Learning


Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering (DECE) – 60 seats

Diploma in Computer Science and engineering (DCSE) – 60 seats

Diploma in Electrical and Electronics (DEEE) – 120 seats

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME)
– 120 seats

Diploma in Civil Engineering (DCE) – 60 seats

Undergraduate Courses

The Freshness in Learning

Electronics and Communication Engineering – 60 Seats

Mechanical Engineering – 60 Seats

Computer Science Engineering – 60 Seats

Civil Engineering – 60 Seats

Electrical and Electronics Engineering – 60 Seats

CSE( Artificial intelligence and machine learning) -60

Post Graduate Courses

The Ripeness in Learning

Computer Science and Engineering – 24 Seats

Software Engineering – 24 Seats

VLSI– 24 Seats

Thermal Engineering – 24 seats


MBA (Master of Business Administration) – 60 Seats

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